Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing with a Motivating, Positive Twist

The very same search of expanding our reach in mental wellness also motivated us to create this line of casual clothing. Aside from our patients, we want people in general to have a line of clothes that has a positive vibe and is made with excellent materials. 
Buy Your Tibetian Bowl at So Psyched Online Store

Buy Your Tibetian Bowl at So Psyched Online Store

A Tibetan bowl is a type of bell. When played, it vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone. It is also known as singing bowls or Himalayan bowls. They promote relaxation and it is said they have powerful, useful healing properties. Many wellness practitioners use Tibetan bowls in their treatments.
SoPsyched Affordable Fashion Promotes Daily Mindfulness

SoPsyched Affordable Fashion Promotes Daily Mindfulness

The affordable fashion we offer at SoPsyched aims to promote values of daily mindfulness and awareness through the messages featured on them. Learn about the many ways you yourself can grow with our gear.
SoPsyched gear

SoPsyched Gear Helps You Keep Mental Health in Mind

Whether you would like to add a splash of color to your wardrobe or to your morning routine, SoPsyched gear can help you do so in a mindful and caring way. A percentage of your purchase actually goes towards helping the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Become a sponsor of mental healthcare while shopping.
mental health

You Too Can Promote Mental Health Awareness with SoPsyched

Mental health is not really something people like to talk about. It’s understandable, for the concept can activate uncomfortable feelings.  At SoPsyched, we would like to change that. With our line of products and gear, we aim at spreading awareness of mental health and fueling the conversation around these issues.
Getting Your Own Singing Bowl with SoPsyched

Getting Your Own Singing Bowl with SoPsyched

In the last few decades, singing bowls have been used in sound therapy in order to encourage mindfulness in those being treated, stimulating them in order to help them focus and look inward. This enhances the rest of the treatment, allowing for comfort and creating an environment of relaxation and openness.

An Insight from SoPsyched Apparel

As a new apparel business coming into a new year, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the inherent power, which is imbued in the Spiritual principle of our Intention.

mental wellness

Mental Wellness to Fit Into Your Life

Have you walked into a room and just felt good? Not a room that was filled with your friends or family or something like that, but just an empty ro...
affordable clothing

Affordable Clothing for Your Budget and the Environment

In the past, it wasn’t always easy to get great clothing for a good price, especially if you were looking for something that was eco-friendly. Many...
affordable fashion

Look and Feel Better for Less With SoPsyched Affordable Fashion

We don’t believe you should have to choose between “fashion” and “affordability.” There are some who might buy the most expensive clothes possible,...
SoPsyched gear

SoPsyched Gear: Good Products Made the Right Way

More than ever, folks are checking to see how the products they use are created. With the environment as unpredictable as ever (and, in many ways, ...
mental health awareness

Wearing Mental Health Awareness On Your Sleeve, Literally

You’ve probably heard the expression “(they) wear their heart on their sleeve.” It usually means that someone is very empathetic, kind and consider...
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