SoPsyched Gear Helps You Keep Mental Health in Mind

Following our storied experience with mental healthcare and awareness, at SoPsyched we like to think of different ways in which we can spread our messages of healing and mindfulness to others. We do so by providing a wide variety of SoPsyched gear that helps you and other people you encounter receive positive messages about mental health, relaxation, and self-improvement. Be sure to check it out, for we have something for just about everyone! Here’s a quick overview of some of the offerings at SoPsyched.

Clothing Apparel

Colorful and creatively designed clothing apparel is a great way to spread awareness of any cause. We use these regularly and they are part of how we present ourselves to people. Whether you have a logo or message in your hooded sweatshirt, your graphic t-shirt, or your hat, it is bound to get noticed by those around you. And not just noticed, but asked about, remarked upon, and learned of. This can make people curious about the cause at hand and encourage them to look more into it.

SoPsyched clothing

Notebooks and Journals

Most of us enjoy writing to a certain degree. Whether you dedicate yourself to the craft or merely enjoy journaling, having a nice notebook at hand is always a good idea. It is especially great if these notebooks themselves inspire you in your writing journey. If the activity itself is therapeutic, a journal that encourages mindfulness and stability can enhance the process and help you through it. Not to mention that anyone who enjoys writing should be able to have an aesthetically pleasing notebook on which to do it. You can find such notebooks and journals with us at SoPsyched.


It is no secret that mugs accompany us through the start to almost every day. Whether you take coffee or tea in the mornings, you are bound to need a mug to have it in, both at home and at work. SoPsyched has beautiful mugs available that allow you to begin your day with positive messages and soothing colors. Bring some color and peace to your mornings by drinking your beverage of choice from one of the unique SoPsyched mugs on sale on our website.

Phone Cases

We carry our phones everywhere we go, don’t we? We take them with us at all times, and they are often bound to have negative effects on our own mental health. This is why it’s good to have something with them to remind us to remain mindful of the impact they have on our lives. SoPsyched phone cases are meant to help you carry such a message with you, brightening your everyday life and reminding you to keep your own wellbeing in mind as you navigate your day.Β 

SoPsyched Gear

As you can see, there are plenty of options available in the SoPsyched website for you to take home with you. Whether you would like to add a splash of color to your wardrobe or to your morning routine, SoPsyched can help you do so in a mindful and caring way. A percentage of your purchase actually goes towards helping the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). While you are shopping for your needs you automatically become a sponsor of mental healthcare. Get yours today!

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