SoPsyched Affordable Fashion Promotes Daily Mindfulness

There are many different ways in which you can participate in the ongoing and ever-growing conversation about mental illness. The best way to do so, however, is to support organizations that are effecting positive change and to help yourself in the process. That’s praxis, after all. The affordable fashion we offer at SoPsyched aims to promote values of daily mindfulness and awareness through the messages featured on them. Learn about the many ways you yourself can grow with our gear.

Graphic T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Everyone loves graphic t-shirts, for they help us personalize and individualize our own wardrobe with different colors, messages, and designs that you find match your own idea of self and style. SoPsyched gear gives you a way to do so by providing a variety of options of graphic t-shirts, hooded sweaters, and sweatshirts for everyone. Women’s leggings, tank tops and cropped tops with the cool and beautiful SoPsyched logo, images and uplighting messages. As well as awesome SoPsyched stuff for your youth, that feature creative designs and colorful messages. We want our gear to promote ideas of mindfulness, peace, and relaxation, which is why our designs reflect these through mind-expanding imagery and bright shapes.

graphic shirt

Baby Clothing Apparel

You can even apply these same ideas to the clothes of your baby! SoPsyched offers baby onesies in both grey and white with our colorful designs on them so that your child can be exposed to positive ideas of healing and peace of mind at an early age. Not to mention that having a baby in and of itself can be a stressful experience, so having gentle reminders to go back to mindfulness is not uncalled for. You can practice these ideas while taking care of your baby with the help of our SoPsyched gear.

Sports and Activity Apparel

Leggings and sweatpants are used in a variety of casual contexts, such as getting groceries or staying home all day, but they are also regularly used for activities that are meant to encourage inner peace of mind and relaxation, such as yoga and meditation. The comfort that these provide help place you in the right space of mind to properly access your inner thoughts and make the most of the activity at hand. Having SoPsyched encourage you to achieve these through your yoga sessions or meditation practices will enhance the experience and make it all the more effective.

activity apparel

Hats and Accessories

You can also carry the positive messages of SoPsyched gear with you everywhere you go by means of our wide array of available accessories. Whether you want to wear our logo on a snapback hat or even on your phone case, SoPsyched has the right gear for you. We even have backpacks, notebooks, and tote bags in case you want to take these reminders with you to school or work. With us, you can always find new ways to spread awareness about mental health, wellness and to participate in the conversation.

Get Your SoPsyched Gear

SoPsyched prides itself, not only on providing quality products with positive reinforcements attached to them but also in raising awareness and spreading information about the importance of mental healthcare and wellness. We work hard to eliminate the stigma around this conversation through our SoPsyched gear, and you can take part in this too. Buy yours now and 2%  of your purchase will go towards the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

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