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So Psyched intends to bring mental health and wellness in many different ways. That’s the whole idea behind the brand and part of our main mission. One of the items we’re proud to make available to the American audience is the Tibetian bowl. This article is particularly special for us because of its multiple benefits for people.

If you are into meditation or are fond of new age music, it’s very likely that you are somehow familiar with this artifact. However, Tibetian bowls are also implemented in many disciplines of therapy, healing, meditation and recreational environments. They are ideal to practice mindfulness and relaxation, and to improve general mood and wellness. 

What is Exactly a Tibetian Bowl?

A Tibetan bowl is a type of bell. When played, it vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone. It is also known as singing bowls or Himalayan bowls. They promote relaxation and it is said they have powerful, useful healing properties. Many wellness practitioners use Tibetan bowls in their treatments. Some of these most common practitioners are music therapists, massage and yoga therapists. They are also widely used among people practicing meditation and deep breathing.

There are many purposes in the use of Tibetian bowls. Stress reduction and pain relief and among the most popular ones. Many experts say that the vibrations of a singing bowl produce positive changes in people’s bodies, as they reduce ​stress by harmonizing the cells and balancing the energy system. Some of the other benefits of  the Tibetian bowl are the stimulation of the immune system and beneficial changes in brain waves.

Products to Promote Good Mood and Mental Wellness

At So Psyched, we have the purpose of bringing mental wellness in as many aspects as possible in people’s lives. That’s the main idea behind our brand. As experts in mental health and addictive behavioral, we want to go beyond our practice and promote a better psyche; even if that means transcending our traditional practices.

Aside from the Tibetian bowls, our store also offers many useful products that contribute to people’s general well being. Comfy, colorful casual clothes for men and women are among them. Our clothes are special to use in yoga, meditation and many other activities that are related to relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.

Helping Others through So Psyched 

Another important aspect of So Psyched brand is that we also intend to contribute with those who, just like us, fight mental illnesses in other fields. That’s why  2% of the profits go directly to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). So when you purchase our products, you are also helping this entity build better lives for millions of people in the USA going through mental illnesses by promoting awareness, activities and support groups.

If you are interested in buying a Tibetian Bowl or any of the other products we offer at So Psyched, visit our website and get your products shipped anywhere within the USA. Secured purchase via SSL encryption. 

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