Casual Clothing with a Motivating, Positive Twist

There are many stores out there offering all types of clothing, both in brick- and- motor and on the internet. Thousands of businesses fight to get people’s attention to buy their products. We understand and respect it. But what if we told you that such mentality doesn’t necessarily apply to SoPsyched line of casual clothing? 

So Psyched was initially conceived as a mental health counseling services. Its founder, Anthony Lopez, has been working in the mental health and addictive behavioral field for more than 25 years. He’s also experienced in the implementation of new technologies in psychotherapy. That’s why So Psyched also pioneered in Teletherapy, which is basically the implementation on video, chat, text message and other digital media into counseling.

Positive Casual Clothing for Everyone

The very same search of expanding our reach in mental wellness also motivated us to create this line of casual clothing. Aside from our patients, we want people in general to have a line of clothes that has a positive vibe and is made with excellent materials. These clothes are good for men and women equally, in any type of situation. But for example, they are ideal to use in yoga practice or mindfulness sessions. 

Our shirts, leggings and joggers are comfortable and ideal to keep you relaxed. They are great to set a good mood for anything you’re doing during the day. They are available in sizes XS to 2XL and can be easily purchased online. We also have clothes for younger people and even babies. So Psyched has options for everybody disregarding their gender or age, because we believe a good mood (and thus, a good mental health) starts with the smallest things, for everyone.



A Brand with a Different Vision

As we mentioned some lines above, the people behind So Psyched come from a mental health background. So the whole reason behind this line of clothing and accessories is more to promote wellness than make a profit. We want to help people to set a better mood disregarding their situation in life. You don’t necessarily need to have a condition or go through a particularly traumatic situation. Modern life can be stressful enough and generate enough anxiety on people. We want to fight that in as many fields as possible.

On the other hand, what sets So Psyched from other traditional clothing brands is that we also intend to contribute to the mental health field we belong to. That’s why 2% of our profits go directly to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). So when you buy any item in our inventory, you are also supporting an entity has the mission of building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illnesses.

Check out So Psyched online store today and buy our products from anywhere, using your desk computer or smartphone. Shipping is calculated before checkout. We deliver anywhere within the United States. All purchases are secured using SSL encryption. 

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