Connection, Our Deepest Desire

All humans need connection with other humans.  In fact, our very existence depends on it.  Of course, we know that human infants cannot care for th...
Casual clothing

Casual Clothing that Really Cares

“Casual clothing” is one of those terms that has many different definitions. It could mean “clothing that you wear in a casual setting.” That means...

An Insight from SoPsyched Apparel

As a new apparel business coming into a new year, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the inherent power, which is imbued in the Spiritual principle of our Intention.

mental wellness

Mental Wellness to Fit Into Your Life

Have you walked into a room and just felt good? Not a room that was filled with your friends or family or something like that, but just an empty ro...
affordable clothing

Affordable Clothing for Your Budget and the Environment

In the past, it wasn’t always easy to get great clothing for a good price, especially if you were looking for something that was eco-friendly. Many...
affordable fashion

Look and Feel Better for Less With SoPsyched Affordable Fashion

We don’t believe you should have to choose between “fashion” and “affordability.” There are some who might buy the most expensive clothes possible,...
SoPsyched gear

SoPsyched Gear: Good Products Made the Right Way

More than ever, folks are checking to see how the products they use are created. With the environment as unpredictable as ever (and, in many ways, ...
mental health awareness

Wearing Mental Health Awareness On Your Sleeve, Literally

You’ve probably heard the expression “(they) wear their heart on their sleeve.” It usually means that someone is very empathetic, kind and consider...
SoPsyched online store

SoPsyched Online Store: Better Feeling at Your Fingertips

It’s not always easy to do something good for yourself or for someone else. As the holiday season can show us, it can be extremely difficult to get...
SoPsyched apparel

SoPsyched Apparel for More than Just Fashion

Mental wellness isn’t something to just be discussed, sought after, or experienced. We believe that it can be a part of your life in all different ...
mental wellness

Mental Wellness Meets Technology Where You Live

With so many of us worried about our phones, it can give you an added level of anxiety that you didn’t need. Here at SoPsyched, our goal is to offer top quality products while promoting mental wellness. We have plenty of affordable fashion that can do just that. Additionally, we have some other items that you might not be aware of which can also help, too. 
casual clothing

More than Just Casual Clothing: Important Messages, to Yourself and Others

At SoPsyched, we’re quite proud of our casual clothing. These are clothes that you can wear in just about any situation or scenario and feel good about yourself. On top of that, you can feel good about what you’re putting out into the world, too: mental health awareness. 
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