Mental Health Awareness: The Limitless Possibilities of Being OK

If you go to our site and look over our apparel, you’ll find that some of our clothes have the line “I Exist in Limitless Possibilities.” That’s not just a pithy phrase: it’s the truth. Each of us does exist in a place where practically anything is possible. You can pursue your dreams. You can go towards that which would make you happy, that which would make the world a better place in a variety of ways. Everything that we sell has a positive, uplifting message on it so that you can get that little boost, that tiny nudge to keep going. That’s just one of the ways that we promote mental health awareness

“Faith Always Overcomes Fear” 

Everyone’s afraid at one time or another. Sure, our fears are different, but the fact that we’re all afraid at one point in our lives can, in a way, unite us. While some of our fears are valid, it’s important to never let fear paralyze us, to keep us from making a decision, or worse, to stop us from pursuing our happiness. We have multiple clothes that say on them, quite simply: “faith always overcomes fear.” As long as we have faith, we can overcome our fears. You’ll note that these specifically don’t say what to have faith in, just that you do need to have faith. What you have faith in, what you can use to overcome that fear, is up to you. 

“You Are Life and Life is Love” 

That’s a message that requires no further elaboration. We have it on some of our women’s apparel. As long as you can hold onto that, you can lead a life that you’ll be glad to be living. It’s not always easy to hold onto that idea, particularly when stress and the like get in the way. Those are some of the reasons that we offer apparel with these kinds of positive messages.

mental health awareness

A Scenario 

Imagine you’re out at a store shopping. You’re not in a good mood. In fact, you’re in the opposite of a good mood: you feel terrible. Nothing seems to have gone your way today, or even for the last few days (or even longer). It all seems to be going wrong (at best). Then, as you’re just shuffling through the motions, you see someone wear clothes with one of these two messages: “You are Life and Life is Love” or “Faith Always Overcomes Fear.” Just seeing someone in these clothes isn’t going to be enough to turn around the events in your life, obviously. But they can cause you to turn around your attitude. That can make all of the difference in the world. 

Apparel for a Reciprocal Universe 

Now, take that same scenario, and imagine that instead of the person having the rough day, you’re the person wearing the positive, uplifting shirt. That’s putting a good message out in the world, and what it can do for others. To see everything that we have to offer our customers, head to our site. 

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