Mental wellness

How Mental Wellness is in Style in Any Season

What’s important, far beyond what’s “trendy” or anything like that, is that you feel good in what you wear. That’s what will always be in fashion no matter what. What “feels good” has different definitions to different people. Mental wellness and positive messaging is always in style no matter what time of year it is.
Affordable fashion

Affordable Fashion that Affords You Quite a Bit

“Affordable fashion” has separate meanings for different people. What’s “affordable” to one might be too much for another. Just because something is very expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s “fashionable” or even of high quality. There’s more to fashion than just looks. The message you put out in the world counts too
Inspirational and Affordable Clothing You can Buy Online

Inspirational and Affordable Clothing You can Buy Online

You can find a positive message in something very simple yet so powerful for the person who receives it. At SoPsyched, we understand that. And having that idea in mind we created a whole brand of affordable clothing that is inspirational, colorful and available in a few clicks.
Casual Clothing

Casual Clothing with a Motivating, Positive Twist

The very same search of expanding our reach in mental wellness also motivated us to create this line of casual clothing. Aside from our patients, we want people in general to have a line of clothes that has a positive vibe and is made with excellent materials. 
SoPsyched Affordable Fashion Promotes Daily Mindfulness

SoPsyched Affordable Fashion Promotes Daily Mindfulness

The affordable fashion we offer at SoPsyched aims to promote values of daily mindfulness and awareness through the messages featured on them. Learn about the many ways you yourself can grow with our gear.
mental health

You Too Can Promote Mental Health Awareness with SoPsyched

Mental health is not really something people like to talk about. It’s understandable, for the concept can activate uncomfortable feelings.  At SoPsyched, we would like to change that. With our line of products and gear, we aim at spreading awareness of mental health and fueling the conversation around these issues.
affordable clothing

Inspirational and Affordable Clothing: Yes, It Does Exist

Here at SoPsyched, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose. We offer inspirational and affordable clothing
SoPsyched Affordable Fashion: Purposeful Fashion for Less

SoPsyched Affordable Fashion: Purposeful Fashion for Less

Here at SoPsyched, we can help with that in one small way: we offer high quality yet affordable fashion. These inexpensive, fashionable clothes also represent a positive, inclusive message as well. 
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