Inspirational and Affordable Clothing You can Buy Online

Motivation can come in many shapes. A movie, a book, a painting, a song. You can find a positive message in something very simple yet so powerful for the person who receives it. At SoPsyched, we understand that. And having that idea in mind we created a whole brand of affordable clothing that is inspirational, colorful and available in a few clicks. That way, you can even be inspired by the very same clothes you wear during the whole day.

The people behind SoPsyched is not improvising nor trying to sell you some new-age, hippie nonsense. We are seasoned experts in the mental health and psychotherapy field; specialized in alternative ways of mental health like teletherapy. Now, with this venture, we intend to bring our knowledge into bringing mental wellness to people in other simpler aspects of their day by day life.

Affordable Clothing for All Occasions

So Psyched created a whole whole line of affordable clothing that goes from t shirts, sweaters, jogs, yoga leggings and hats. We also conceived them to be used by everyone, men and women alike. Colorful, simple yet effective designs to have a positive impact on your mood during your day. You can use them to workout, in your yoga class, at work or any other situation. The clothes are made with the best materials, are super comfortable and come in many sizes; from XS to 2XL.

affordable clothing

Aside from these amazing clothing, So Psyched also have a catalog of many other amazing items that will definitely set your mood on. From nice cases for your Iphone to our crystal sound bowl to journals, a backpack and an incredible Tibetian bowl. Even something as simple as a coffee mug can cheer you up, and that’s the whole intention behind SoPsyched products: to make your day better even by the simplest things.

A Brand with More than One Cause

As mental health experts, we know that everybody needs a certain level of motivation and cheer. It’s something so simple yet usually forgotten or put aside in today’s modern society. You don’t really need to have a condition or go through traumatic experiences to go through feelings of depression or anxiety. That’s why we sustain the idea that a certain level of motivation is necessary for everybody, in many different ways. That’s part of the mission and main cause behind So Psyched.

There’s another important contribution from our brand. When you purchase from our selection of merchandise, whether it is clothing, accessories like backpacks or phone cases, you’re also contributing to SoPsyched to move closer towards our goal of hosting events and social outings. Additionally, 2% of profits go directly to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). That way, we contribute with our part as members of the mental health field.

You can buy our clothes and other merchandise through our website. Shipping costs are calculated before checkout. Credit card and Paypal accepted. Secured online purchase through SSL encryption.

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