Attitude Of Gratitude

The Power of Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Coming to the realization that we all experience the world in our own remarkably unique way, and that everyone is living in a reality that is likely very different from one another is an incredibly powerful moment. It is one that can open up an entire new perspective on the world, and society we exist in. It can feel easy to let negativity and life’s afflictions consume us when they appear, because all we know is our individual reality and the emotions that occur in response to it. Often, we are guilty of only feeling grateful for the things we perceive as positive and beneficial to us. When we do feel this beautiful sense of gratitude for something that makes us elated, it is lovely and inspiring. How do we live with this attitude of gratitude in each and every moment, and not just during the fleeting and perceived positive moments in life?


Internalizing Gratitude

When we shift our focus on feelings of love, appreciation, and gratitude, truly beautiful things happen. Living in this light of thankfulness is one of the finest ways to feel at ease and present with your surroundings, because you are able to recognize that all there truly exists is the present moment. Many individuals all over the world do in fact recognize the importance of having gratitude and how much of an effect it has on so many various aspects in life. You have likely heard about writing things down in a gratitude journal of some sort to start the day off on a favorable note and to bring forth a consistent mindset of gratitude. Writing gratitude lists is a fantastic practice that cultivates genuine optimism and a positive outlook on life, but it can be leveled up significantly by really being present and ruminating on the sensation that emerges from considering what you may be grateful for and letting it crystallize internally before writing it down. This process ensures that whatever it is that you are feeling grateful for will manifest fully and end up staying with you throughout your day and then some.


How Gratitude Can Transform Us

Having an attitude of gratitude holds the ability to sincerely transform us from the inside out, as well as the ability to empower us to live each day as authentically as possible and to go about our lives with an enhanced degree of overall bliss. Regularly merging the reflections and sentiments of gratitude with the act of physically expressing it in writing can open our eyes to completely new perspectives that were not there before. Focusing on what we do already have allows more abundance to flow in, just as focusing on what we might not have will ensure that we never feel that we possess enough. There is also strength found in concentrating on feeling gratitude for some of the perceived “bad” things that we face throughout life, as this can grant a shift in the influence it might hold over us into a more positive one that is able to empower us significantly.


As the 13th century poet Rumi said in his beautiful piece titled “The Guesthouse,” which reflects on the emotions that come and go within our being each day, “be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide.” Aim to conquer each day with a perspective of gratitude for all that there is and all that is felt, because this is how we are able to process the world at the end of the day. Having a genuine attitude of gratitude for the moments viewed as inherently “good” or “bad” is a core aspect of truly living in authenticity and in harmony with both our internal and external universes. Each day we have is indeed a gift, and embracing this truth with a deep sense of gratefulness brings a realization we live our lives as an extension, and expression of the Infinite.

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