Inspirational and Affordable Clothing: Yes, It Does Exist

Have you ever found yourself looking for something fashionable with a positive message, but being unable to find anything even remotely acceptable? You’re probably able to find very fashionable clothes, clothes that look sleek and sexy. However, they don’t really have any message beyond simply looking good. By that same token, you can probably find inspirational clothing, but it just doesn’t look good at all. It has a positive message, but alas, that positive message is not “these clothes look good.” Here at SoPsyched, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose. We offer inspirational and affordable clothing

Inspirational and Fashionable 

The “SoPsyched” ethos is that mental health awareness is important, that’s it OK and acceptable to reach out for help with mental health. We have a wide variety of clothes and products that promote that message in a welcoming, inclusive, and fun way. A good example of this is our backpack. It’s the kind of thing that a kid can take to school and feel confident about having it on their back, particularly from a fashion perspective. Beyond that, it more than does its job as a backpack, being plenty durable and strong. You can throw your books in it, day after day, and it’ll be there for you for years to come. It also, and this is crucial, carries the SoPsyched logo and design. That means that it helps to promote mental health awareness, too. It’s what we aim to do with all of our apparel: a positive message in a fashionable way. 

affordable clothing

Affordable Clothing 

“Affordable” is a word with a clear definition, as much as some places might try to change what the word means. It’s our contention that something listed as “affordable” should be as inexpensive as possible, while providing a high quality of materials. A great example of this at our site is the hooded sweatshirt. At just $29, it’s far, far less than most hooded sweatshirts might cost. Additionally, it has the butterflies and simple design of the SoPsyched logo, so that you can get the self-confidence boost that comes from wearing great looking clothes, too. 

Strong Clothing 

To stick with the hooded sweatshirt for a moment, this piece of apparel is also a great example of the kind of workmanship that goes into our affordable fashion. Made of top quality cotton as well as polyester, this hooded sweatshirt is soft to the touch while also being plenty durable. The double-lined hood means that you’ll be able to wear that hood when it's cold out and feel plenty cozy and warm. The 1 X 1 athletic rib knit cuffs and waistband with spandex means that it will fit your body in a flattering, fashionable way, while also keeping you as comfortable as possible. The double-needle stitching throughout means that you’ll be able to bring out winter after winter, fall after fall, and so forth. To find more high quality affordable clothing, go to our site or call us at (818) 351-2590.

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