SoPsyched Gear: Good Products Made the Right Way

More than ever, folks are checking to see how the products they use are created. With the environment as unpredictable as ever (and, in many ways, getting worse) taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Obviously, we can’t individually improve the environment, but every little bit helps. Moreover, using products that are made the right way feels better. It feels like you’re doing something to help, which can give you just a bit more positivity to power you through your day. That’s what we offer with our SoPsyched gear: products you’ll love to use and wear that are made the right way. 

Better Products for a Better World 

Unfortunately, there are products that many of us use everyday that are made in ways that suboptimal, to say the least. They could come as a result of child labor. Perhaps the processes that build these products unleash all kinds of horrid pollution into the atmosphere. Maybe animals are potentially put in harm’s way to make the products the way they are. When we created SoPsyched, we vowed never to use any practices like that in our products, and we never do. The Earth belongs to each of us, and if we’re going to offer positive products, then they have to be made the right way. 

SoPsyched gear

Our Practices 

“Wellness” is more than just a buzzword at SoPsyched. We believe that “wellness” isn’t something you just say, or even something that you just work for, but rather something that you do, something that you practice, day in and day out. That’s why we apply the same wellness to our products that we do to everything else. So, our products are made with fair labor practices, always. It’s hard to promote a positive message on the apparel if you’re not promoting a positive message with the construction of the apparel. Additionally, no pollution is a result of our products, nor are they made through any child labor or animal harm. 

Giving Back 

If you’ve read these blogs for any length of time, then you know about how our apparel and products are made to promote mental health awareness. The idea is: you wear these products, and you feel better about yourself. That can be through a combination of the fashion as well as the positive message. However, we realized that there’s more we can do with that ethos to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. So, we always make sure to pass on two percent of our annual profits to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In addition to that, we give some of our money to other great mental health organizations, too. 

SoPsyched for the Coming Year 

A better world is possible. When you read the news, it might seem like the environment’s facing some struggles, but if we all do our part, we can make a better world a reality. To find out more about what our products are and how this all works, you can head to our site. 

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