An Insight from SoPsyched Apparel

As a new apparel business coming into a new year, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the inherent power, which is imbued in the Spiritual principle of our Intention.

Prior to creating SoPsyched, I worked with several thousand people in the mental health and wellness field. I found the one challenge most difficult for human beings is the mind’s inability to genuinely accept just how powerful our word and intention is.

As human beings we pretty much just think and do. For most of us, from the moment we wake till the time we hit the sack we are on automatic pilot. We are not mindful of the present moment and not aware of the millions of thoughts racing through our mind. Yet our thoughts are shaping our experience as well as our perception of reality.


As quantum physics has scientifically proven, the more elevated and life affirming our thought, our consciousness expands which gives us the ability to vibrate at a higher frequency. As a result, we become more receptive to new ideas.

Roughly 98% of the thoughts we think today will be the thoughts we think tomorrow. The dominate beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world today will be similar tomorrow. The Neural pathways in our brain form habitual thought patterns. Whether these thought patterns serve our highest good or not, either way, they must play themselves out over and over until we make genuine change in our thought.

This is where truly understanding the power of our Intention can be life changing. Intention + Devotion + Gratitude = Life transforming experiences.

This is the time of the year when people challenge themselves to make changes. Whether it be going on a diet, joining a gym, quit smoking, saving money or perhaps, wanting to share our internal gifts with the world ie expressing and accepting more love, experience more joy, or beginning a Spiritual practice etc.

We are the masters of our life and understanding how to bring ourselves into alignment with the Spiritual principle of Intention empowers us to have the life we so desire.


β€œI think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me”

Albert Einstein

I love this quote by Einstein. So, how do we align ourselves with the Spiritual power of Intention?

With a heartfelt Intention we become devoted to ourselves and cultivate the Spiritual law of gratitude. Aside from love I believe the Spiritual law of gratitude creates an energy that brings forth our Intention into manifestation.

As Einstein states. Each morning spend time in the silence. After you have tapped into the quite of your own being, connecting with your Higher-Self…write down your Intention. With a deep sense of devotion to yourself and your Intention, allow yourself to cultivate the feeling of gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.

This is not some magical trick and it is not simply positive thinking. Although, positive thinking and will power is great but our will is directive. In other words our will power will get us off in the right direction but we must align ourselves with inherent Spiritual laws. This is where are authentic power lies.

Let’s all get off to a magnificent new year. Let’s connect with our inherent Spiritual laws or energy. Let’s consciously mind our own mind. Let’s set amazing Intentions for ourselves. Practice being devoted to yourself. Be grateful knowing you are a powerful being and that you are the master of your life and Intentions!

Many Blessings, SoPsyched.Β 

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