Getting Your Own Singing Bowl with SoPsyched

If you have ever participated in group meditation activities or listened to a lot of new age music, you are probably familiar with the concept or the sound of singing bowls. And in fact, if you have browsed through the SoPsyched website, then you know we offer our very own singing bowl for sale. You might wonder why a website that focuses on items related to mental health awareness and support offers these, but singing bowls are actually used across many disciplines in therapeutic, healing, and recreational environments alike in order to practice mindfulness and relaxation. They can be great tools to help you meditate and even practice therapeutic music on your own.ย 

The History of Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have been around for quite a long time, but they actually find their origin in standing bells. These, like their name implies, are more of an upside-down bell that was struck with a mallet in order to make it chime, similarly to a gong. The earliest known standing bells can be traced back to the Shang dynasty in China around the 16th century BC. These were made out of bronze and are thought to be the oldest form of chiming bell in the world. Standing bells looked a little like big goblets, with their diameter varying between two inches to almost two feet. Such technique and sophistication went into crafting and using these, that some produced different sounds depending on where exactly they were struck.

While a lot of people claim that this storied past also applies to the singing bowls used in music, these are actually considered more of a modern thing. You might often hear the term โ€œTibetan singing bowlsโ€ thrown around, but this isnโ€™t actually factual. There is no evidence of bowls used for โ€œsingingโ€ in Tibet, even though there are a lot of testimonies about other instruments in the region. Singing bowls actually find their origin in dharma cultures from Nepal or Northern India. Around 1970, these bowls that were used for singing were imported to the West where they were introduced in the 1972 new age album Tibetan Bells by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings. Since then, they have been extensively used in these and other genres for their unique sound.

Use in Therapy and Healing

In the last few decades, singing bowls have been used in sound therapy in order to encourage mindfulness in those being treated, stimulating them in order to help them focus and look inward. This enhances the rest of the treatment, allowing for comfort and creating an environment of relaxation and openness. Itโ€™s gotten to the point where you donโ€™t even need someone to direct the therapeutic practice. The ease of singing bowls allows you to be able to use them by yourself from the comfort of your own room. This is particularly helpful for those who arenโ€™t too enthusiastic about group meditation or group activities in general.ย 

SoPsyched Singing Bowls

With SoPsyched now you can lead your very own meditative practice. In our online store, you will be able to find singing bowls to help with your personal healing practices, among a variety of other merchandise that promotes a better understanding of the importance of mental health. A fraction of our profits even goes to help the National Alliance on Mental Illness! Get your own today!

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