SoPsyched Gear: Mental Health on Your Mind and On Your Body

“What does ‘SoPsyched’ mean?” That’s a question that we get all the time. We picked that name because it describes our attitude about the products we offer as well as mental health awareness: we are, literally, so psyched to be able to share these with our customers and more. It goes deeper than that, of course. The word “psyched” has multiple definitions, each of which can be applicable, in different ways, to the apparel and products that we offer at our site. SoPsyched gear is more than just affordable fashion. 

“To Psych One’s Self Up” 

One definition of the word “psych” is “to prepare psychologically to be in the right frame of mind or to give one’s best (often followed by the word up).” To use it in a sentence, it would be something like: “I got psyched up for the big game.” This apparel can absolutely help you to “psych up.” When you look great, you’ll feel great. By having this apparel on, you can get all of the self-confidence benefits that come from looking fantastic. If you aren’t sure how about you look, it can have a deleterious effect on your self-confidence, which can tank your whole day. Instead, when you wear our clothes, you can get psyched up for anything that may come. 

“Psych Out a Problem” 

Another definition of the word “psych” that absolutely fits with our apparel is “to figure out psychologically; decipher (often followed by the word out).” An example of this would be something like: “It may have taken me a while, but I was able to psych out the math problem.” Again, this fits our apparel because it can give you that spike in confidence that makes it possible to do things that you may not have thought yourself able to do. Too often in life, even the most confident people believe, erroneously, that there are things that they can’t do. Wearing the right clothes can go so far in letting you believe in yourself as much as you should. Going outside your comfort zone can do wonders for your life, and looking great is just one part of that, albeit a very important one. 

SoPsyched gear

“Psych Out the Antagonist” 

Perhaps the most common definition of “psych” also is often followed by the word out, “to intimidate or frighten psychologically, to make nervous.” Obviously, we’re not exactly in the business of making people feel nervous. However, when you look as great as you can, that which may have made you feel nervous, that may have intimidated or frightened you psychologically, may seem like much less of a threat (or even not like a threat at all).

Beyond SoPsyched Gear 

Our gear can help you to get just a bit closer to the self-esteem and self-confidence that you should have. To see everything that we have available, just go to our site and click through our apparel. Alternately, you could give us a call at (818) 351-2590

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