What Is SoPsyched

SoPsyched offers traditional in-person face to face counseling, as well as online video counseling. We serve teens, young adults, parents, and the entire family.

SoPsyched offers a one of a kind hybrid approach.

Our In-Person services are provided face to face in our office or, we will come to your environment, your home or office. We also provide Online video counseling, therapy, and coaching for parents, teens, young adults, and their families.

The other aspect of the online services we provide, which is our therapeutic chatting.

Whether it be Online private video therapy, counseling, and coaching or our therapeutic chatting, all of these services are offered in (real-life time)! As a parent, you do not have to wait till your next counseling session or till the incident or issue has pasted. By having to wait, these issues either continue to gain negative energy or Unintentionally get swept underneath the carpet.

Research coupled with many years of experience show us if you can deal with these issues in Real Life Time then it is easier to not only get to the heart of the problem but gain extremely valuable skills and insights for both you and your loved one which affects genuine transformation.