Hoodie sweater

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Hoodie sweater

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“I don’t know whether to wear a hoodie or a sweater.” If you’re like so many of us, you’ve asked that exact question on one morning or another. Maybe it’s a bit chilly out and it could rain later, and you don’t know which of them to wear. This happened enough to us here at SoPsyched, we realized: “why choose?” Here, with our hoodie sweater design, you get the absolute best of both worlds. You get a hoodie that has all the warmth and style of a sweater. That way, no matter what the weather and temperature do, you’ll be ready (while looking your best!) 

Understated with a timeless look, you’ll always give off a youthful vibe in this hoodie sweater. You’ve probably seen plenty of big shots in Silicon Valley wearing something like this - you can get it for a lot less than billions of dollars. Style, warmth, comfort, boldness -- these hoodie sweaters have it all!

• Flex Fleece (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Fleece) construction

• Metal zipper
• Hooded with White finished Polyester drawcord
• Kangaroo pocket
• Unisex size – women may prefer to order one size smaller

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