The Treatment Team Approach

At SoPsyched we are dedicated to the highest standards and clinical practices in the mental health field. Therefore we utilize a treatment team approach. Weather you are an adult with the need to utilize are chatting option, or any other of our treatment modalities mentioned above. Or whether you are a parent of a youngster, preteen, teen, young adult or perhaps a college student.

All of our counselors meet at least once a week with their clinical supervisor to discuss any unique clinical challenges that may be uncovered, and revealed during the course of treatment. This gives the client the additional clinical support they may need.

Having a treatment team working on your behalf gives you the clinical benefits of both worlds. The personal privacy that you may be seeking, as well as having an entire team of credentialed and professional clinicians supporting you behind the scenes. When you have several clinicians discussing their entire caseload with one another, of course this is a great benefit, not only due to the support that each clinician is receiving from their clinical supervisor, but also any new ideas that clinicians share with one another as they are brainstorming on the behalf of their prospective clients.

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