Our Founders Message

Hi, Im Anthony Lopez founder of SoPsyched and I would like to thank you for exploring our platform. I have been working in the mental health and addictive behavioral field for over 25 years. Prior to SoPsyched I had the privilege of creating and directing three different extremely successful treatment programs. I have also had the privilege of working hands-on with over seven thousand people in need of various Mental Health issues and services. It is this experience in addition to having been a consumer of treatment services that has led me to develop SoPsyched.

Our Hybrid Approach Can Include:

  • Counseling and Coaching for Teens and Young Adults
  • Counseling and Coaching for Parents of Teens and Young Adults
  • Family Counseling
  • Parent Coaching
  • Intervention, Case Management, and Placement Services

With the use of advanced technology Sopsyched is now able to offer services to millions of people that would otherwise not be able to receive help. We are excited about being able to offer confidential state of the art treatment at affordable prices for a wide range of mental health challenges. We know that mental health issues do not take the weekend off so we are here seven days a week. But we go even further by offering coaching, mentoring, spiritual counseling and support for those who may not have mental health issues but still want to improve the quality of their lives.

I wish you well and and I hope that you would be inspired by all that SoPsyched has to offer!

Peace and Blessings

Anthony Lopez, CEO


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