Online Therapy and Coaching Sessions

online psychotherapy and coaching sessions

The psychological process takes place over a period of time within a relation of a trained therapist and client. There are many (forms of psychotherapy that can be practiced online), in different ways. Styles of therapy can range from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy( DBT) Psychodynamic Therapy, some forms of Somatic Therapies, and some Experiential Therapies. (Trauma based Therapies should be provided by a psychotherapist face to face).

Types of challenges, or issues to be explored in Online psychotherapy, are depression, relationship challenges, low self-esteem, work-related issues, eating disorders, spiritual challenges or exploration, anxiety, addiction challenges, mood disorders, thought disorders, personality disorders, daily living challenges, and much more.


Online therapy is also great for parent coaching and other relationship coaching issues.

The goals in psychotherapy can vary from symptom relief to long-term changes in one’s thinking behavior and beliefs. At SoPsyched we will carefully evaluate your needs and goals to help determine what services will be most effective for you.

Although chatting and texting are not psychotherapy, as mentioned earlier, it can be extremely therapeutic and a great way to connect in real time. These are some of the benefits of Sopsyched being a complete wrap around online program. We offer the best of both worlds, the connection that needs to happen in a moment’s notice and the ongoing psychological process of psychotherapy.

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