Alive Awake Aware Women's Racerback Top
Alive Awake Aware Women's Racerback Top

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Alive Awake Aware Women's Racerback Top

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Alive. Awake. Aware. That’s what these shirts say to everyone who sees them. Every day is a gift. It’s a gift that you want to use the right way. Being alive is one thing - and being awake is something else. When you’re awake, when you’re truly awake, then you’re seeing everything that’s around you. Too often, we feel like we’re just walking through our lives, as passengers, extras, not active participants and leads. When you’re awake and aware, that changes. 

Of course, when you look better, you’ll feel better. These shirts make sure that you absolutely look fantastic, which will make it easier for you to feel better, too. So many of the clothes that we make here are meant to provide a positive message to both you and anyone who sees it. We can’t tell you how many people have bought these clothes because they happened to see someone else wearing them and spreading the message. So, when you’re alive, awake, and aware, you might spread that message to someone else, too! 


Model wearing size small

4.0 oz., 60% combed ring-spun cotton/40% polyester

Self fabric binding

Colors available: indigo (as pictured)

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