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Hollywood hasn’t necessarily had the best representations of Buddhist monks, to put it mildly. However, if you’ve seen Buddhist monks in a TV show or movie, you may not have noticed them using some kind of bowl in their meditation. They might have had a bowl in front of them, which they used what looks like a kind of mallet on, either to make noise or otherwise aid them in their meditation. This may be surprising for some of you, but that’s not made up. That isn’t something that was created in a producer’s meeting. Tibetan Singing Bowls are a very real thing, which can provide multiple health benefits to your life. You can find top quality ones at our SoPsyched online store. 

Possible Health Benefits 

There are many health benefits that people associate with these singing bowls that may feel a little too good to be true. We can’t speak to their scientific veracity, but we can say that people have told us that they received these health benefits. Maybe they would work for you, maybe they would not. However, there are people who say that use of these bowls can stimulate the immune system, increasing your health in real, tangible ways. Still others have said that they can provide beneficial changes in your brain waves

Definite Health Benefits 

What we can tell you, from having used these bowls ourselves, is that they’re a great way to reduce stress. After a long, hard day, whether you were running around work, school, or anywhere else, you can use these bowls and just relax. They make a resonant, wonderful sound that can put you at ease. You can kick back, use these bowls, make them sing, and feel your cares dissipate. You don’t need any kind of innate musical ability or anything like that to get real benefits from using a Tibetan singing bowl. 

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“Playing” the Bowl 

Most people will have their own techniques, what works for them over time. For many of us, the best way to start is to press the mallet against the rim or even outside edge in a circular motion. Then, you can change the pressure and speed of the motion to make the sound that you want. Struggling to get that sound? You might just be using your wrist in isolation. Getting your full arm into the motion can do wonders for the sound. 

More than Bowls at the SoPsyched Online Store 

These bowls are just one of the many products that you can find online at our store. In fact, we even have multiple kinds of bowls, too. Beyond that, you can find products that can help your life in tangible ways, like mobile phone cases, warm hoodies, and the like. At SoPsyched, we want to be able to provide people with fashion as well as other products that truly promote and improve mental health. To learn more, check out our online store or call us at (818) 351-2590

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