age appropriate

Age Appropriate

Age Appropriate

When I use the word treatment I am applying it to all the different modalities or levels of care which we have to offer. With that said, although mental health treatment needs to be a collaborative effort amongst everyone involved. So whether it be via therapeutic chatting or texting, evideo sessions such as Skype, or virtual reality, which most of the time would fall under the realm of psychotherapy, or are online groups. as well as any face-to-face sessions or in-home counseling.

Of course depending on the age and motivation of the Identified client, It is important to determine if perhaps there are any love ones involved, and whether or not collaboration is needed.

There are a certain amount of our clients that are of age and want total and complete anonymity. Example: There are many young adults as well as older ones which are seeking out help and connection, and although they may have significant others, but yet at the same time they would Prefer to have 100% Anonymity. In this scenario, of course they will receive the confidentiality and anonymity which is their Legal right. At Sopsyched We are 100% HIPPA-compliant. Your anonymity is our privilege, and respected to the highest standards of the law. At some point, if you prefer to have a significant other or loved one involved with you to any extent In your treatment, then at that point we would ask you to sign a waiver. without the waiver being signed, once again, we are bound by the protections afforded to you which are provided under the federal And State HIPAA compliant statutes.

age appropriate

At times I see in here other types of Mental Health treatments or professionals with a disclaimer front and center, as if personal anonymity is some new concept, When in fact without This principle of anonymity and confidentiality it would be impossible to genuinely move forward and build a relationship with your clinician Which is critical for your personal growth.

Any prospective client that may be 17 years of age or younger is required to have a legal guardian sign them up for any services that sopsyched provides. There are a few different scenarios in working with a legal minor. Example: for our therapeutic chatting or texting and some of our online groups, if your parent, or legal Garden allows for their young person to have anonymity then we would be more than happy to afford you, or you’re minor young adult the anonymity in which they seek. There are a few exceptions to this rule. first and foremost while working at any stage with a minor, at any time that their clinician believes that there is a possible life threatening situation or circumstance That arises, Then the clinician must contact the miners parent, or legal guardian. Please keep in mind, Safety First!

On the other hand, when working with a young person that is still under parental supervision We would ask that you’re son or daughter have anonymity while working with their clinician. Over the years working with young people we have found that when a young person understands That they can talk to their clinician without it getting back to their parents the young person feels a lot more at ease in opening up in a manner that will promote a new found self-awareness. If the primary clinician believes that there is a need for your youngster to share information which has been processed and worked on, and the youngster feels that by sharing this information with their parent It would promote a healthier relationship not only with the parent but also with their self, Then at that point in time when the young person is ready to express what they need to then we can bring the parent into the picture. Now, This is only one scenario of many.

I believe when a youngster is mentally, psychologically and emotionally in a space which they would only need the chatting and texting and perhaps our Groups both online or in person, this would be the time when the youngster is doing well enough that perhaps the parents do not need to be involved, Other than a brief General periodic update.

At Sopsyched, when dealing with minors we want to treat them as age appropriate. so in other words, what might apply for a 13 or 14 year old perhaps is not going to apply for 16 or 17 year old. Also, there are just normal age appropriate things that would not need to be shared with a parent, but at the same time are very important experiences that a teen may be Experiencing.

most parents, as well as most clinicians are not aware that parents have the first right of privilege. At Sopsyched we do not believe in treating minor’s with the type of complete anonymity which is reserved for adults. Although we do ask for the trust necessary to build the relationship with your teen, But at the same time parents do need to know how treatment is coming along.

I am sure many of you have been to clinicians of some sort, whether they be psychotherapist or psychiatrist or perhaps a spiritual teacher or drug and alcohol counselor. and there is a lot Of emotional distress as to why you were seeking out help in the first place, and the clinician keeps you out of the loop. and states something to the effect of, what me and your child talk about is confidential. once again, parents have first right of privilege. Clinicians need to know when to bring the parents in to shed the light on the on the depth of what is going on with the youngster, and what type of interventions are going to be created to move the youngster forward and perhaps the family as well.